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Newborn, baby & toddler sleep consulting in Luxembourg 

Compassionately guiding you to get your child to fall asleep by him- or herself and sleep through the night

Assisting you in overcoming bedtime battles, nighttime and/or early-morning wakes, nap struggles, and more

Setting the sleep goals that work best for your family

Baby Sleep Sleep Consulting Luxembourg The Sleep Avenue Lynn Hendriks

Sleep is not optional. It's a necessity.

Sleep Consulting Luxembourg The Sleep Avenue Lynn Hendriks

When people are about to become parents, they too often think that this means they will never sleep again, or that they have to just "suck it up" when their child doesn't sleep. Friends and family will even tell them that this is the way it is, and that it will get better as time goes on. But sleep is not a luxury, and it's not optional. It's a necessity that helps your body stay healthy, not only physically but also mentally. If your baby keeps you up all night, it doesn't only have an impact on their sleep, but also on yours.

That is the reason why I created The Sleep Avenue. I am here to compassionately guide you to get your baby to learn the skills to fall asleep by him-or herself and to stay asleep through the night, thanks to sleep consulting. This way you are not only offering what is best for your baby's development, growth, and well-being; but you’re also allowing your whole family to benefit from a good night's sleep.

Having gone through my own sleep encounters with my oldest daughter Héloïse when she was only six months old, I really want to pay it forward and work with families to help them solve their own sleep struggles. I am trained to guide you and your baby through whatever sleep-related struggles they are going through.

The Sleep Avenue in the media

Sleep Consulting Luxembourg Lynn Hendriks Ketzebuerger Journal Media

Wide awake | Lëtzebuerger Journal

By Melody Hansen, Lex Kleren

Published on 04 Oct. 2022

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