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I’m Lynn Hendriks

I'm a certified newborn, baby & toddler sleep consultant based in Luxembourg, and the founder of The Sleep Avenue. I'm the mother of two lovely girls; Héloïse and Camille. And just like you, I was at a point in my early parenthood when I thought: "Will I ever sleep again?". For weeks, my six-month-old daughter Héloïse would wake up for several hours. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. At that time, I was pregnant with my second daughter, Camille, and I just couldn't take the exhaustion from being up every night any longer. That's when I made the best decision of my entire parenting life: I reached out to a professional sleep consultant.

Within a few nights Héloïse was sleeping again; which meant I was sleeping again too! I felt so empowered. I was so impressed that I wanted to call all my mom friends, tell the parents at the playground, and just shout it from the rooftops that the lack of sleep is not your destiny! I had the energy to do the things I love again, like yoga, hiking, and even reading. I was able to enjoy relaxing evenings with my husband again without the anxiety that made me wonder if I would get some sleep this night or not.

So naturally, I decided to get sleep consulting for my second daughter too. I was given the opportunity to set healthy sleep habits for my baby daughter, which made the newborn days so much easier.

This is the reason why I'm here and why I do sleep consulting; because I want to be there for families and give them the tools so they can successfully help their children learn the skill of falling asleep by themselves. Being born and raised in Luxembourg, I am fluent in Luxembourgish, English, French, and German; and can hold consultations in all of them.

I got you. Let's work together!

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